Los Angeles Breakers Football Club



The LA Breakers are led by Club Director Mike Page.  Mike was previously the Technical Director for the Westside Breakers Soccer Club for 17 years.  He received his US Soccer "A" coaching license in 1998.  

The LA Breakers Boys Director of Coaching is Tim Pierce.  Tim has coached at FCLA for the past 15 years and he is also the Men's Soccer Coach at Santa Monica College.  Tim played collegiately at UCLA where he was a starting forward on the 2002 Men's NCAA Championship team.

The LA Breakers Girls Director of Coaching is Richard Simms.  Richard began his coaching career with Westside Breakers and then left to coach multiple teams at the ECNL level.  He is also the Head Coach and Director of Girls Soccer for the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles.


Mike Page - Club Director, B05 Elite, G04 ECNL
Richard Simms - Girls Director of Coaching, Head Coach G03 ECNL
Tim Pierce - Boys Director of Coaching, Head Coach B02 Elite
Jane Alukonis - Head Coach G09 Blue, G2010
Freddy Arroyo - Head Coach G08 Red
Aaron Benditson - Head Coach B01 Blue
Julio Castillo - Head Coach B00 Elite, B06 Blue
Mike Erush - Head Coach B01 Elite
Brian Gonzalez - Head Coach B08, B07
Ryan Hosler - Head Coach G06 ECNL, G08
Chris Howe - Head Coach B07 Red, B09
Jason Kelly - Head Coach G00/01 ECNL Composite, G02 ECNL
Marvin Lemus - Head Coach B09 Red, B2010 Blue
Mike Littman - Head Coach G00/01 ECNL, Goalkeepers
Chris Lofgren - Head Coach G02 ECNL Reserve, G05 ECNL
Macie Margheim - Head Coach G04 Red, G08 Blue
Jonathan Medcalf - Head Coach B02 Blue
Rick Minars - Head Coach B07 Blue, B08 Blue
Brian Phillips - Head Coach G06 Blue, B09 Blue
Matt Salem - Head Coach B04 Blue, B05 Blue
Roberto Dos Santos - Head Coach B03 Elite, B04 Elite
Jenny Servin - Head Coach G09
Jesse Servin - Head Coach G03 ECNL Reserve, G05 Blue
Jose Tariffa - Head Coach B06 Red
Gary Truman - Head Coach G07, G07 Blue
Rom Turci - Head Coach B06 Elite
Humberto Baytoh Villegas - Head Coach B2010, B2011

Coach Cromwell

Matt Taylor