Los Angeles Breakers Football Club

Financial Aid Application Process

As part of our commitment to helping young people develop as individuals as well as players, LA Breakers FC offers financial aid to players from families that demonstrate a clear financial need.

The Club makes efforts to simplify the financial aid application process while qualifying as many players as possible.  Nonetheless, all applicants must provide the following information by email to financialaid@labreakersfc.com by no later than April 10, 2019.  All information will be kept confidential.

Please provide the top 2 pages of last year’s Tax Returns to confirm HH income

If filing separately, please provide the same for each parent 


What team(s) is your child on and who is your head coach?

How many family members are living in the household and how many of those are kids?

What school do the kids attend?

If a private school, does the prospective player receive financial aid of any sort?  What % of school tuition does your financial aid cover?

What is the current work situation for the parents?

Do you own or rent your home?

Please let us know how much of the fees you can afford to pay?


Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for a decision to be made.  In addition, you may hear back from someone with some follow up questions, if needed.  Thank you.

Financial Aid Committee

LA Breakers FC